Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perfect Spot On Our Way Home

We decided to break up our long drive home. Originally, we were planning on camping for a couple of days but seeing how Karl needed to go on the pioneer trek Wednesday morning we thought it would be smart to be home by Tuesday night. And I certainly was not ready to leave any earlier than Monday morning.

We took a nice break in Cedar City and then headed up the canyon to see what we would we find. We stopped at a spot near Duck Creek called Lava Flats and it turned out to be perfect for a quick over-night stop.

It was beautiful, quiet, sunny, and next to a trail. Just right for us! So we set up camp, ate dinner, and went on a little exploration.

The boys were thrilled that it was an ATV trail. Max could not get over the fact that the sign said ATVs were allowed. He loved checking out all the ATV tracks. We did not ever see any ATVs much to the chagrin of the boys but Karl and I prefer it that way.

Then, of course, we had to have a camp fire. Karl and I are not big fans of camp fires but with two little boys there is no way around it. The place had plenty of dry wood and even a fire pit. Max was rather interested in putting out the fire as soon as we had it going and with no marshmallows to roast, we called it a night soon and went to sleep.

Karl went out for an early morning run and, while my boys ate breakfast, I got ready to hit the roads on my bike to see how far I could get before they would catch me in the car.

Although my bike looks rather out of place in the below picture, I only had to push it for a minute until I was on a very smooth, perfectly quiet road. I loved biking up in those mountains and then down into the next valley. I made it almost to Kanab before getting caught and after some ice cream I was happy to sit in the car for the next few hours.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cramming in the Fun

Our Jaguar at the Zoo

No matter how long we are in Utah, there is always so much to do the last few days before we leave. We went to the zoo with some very good friends. After taking this one picture above, my 4 friends with their 10 little kids showed up and that was the end of my taking pictures. Craziness and lots of fun!

While I was biking the Alpine Loop, Karl took the boys on a hike to one of our favorite rock places in Slate Canyon. Purple and green rocks. A gushing river. The boys love it.

We spent lots of quality time with friends and family, went to the outdoor pool multiple times, saw a reptile show, explored Bridal Veil Falls, and were too busy to take pictures. One rather quiet afternoon, we got out the slip'n'slide and had a great time in the backyard. Excuse the nudity, but we were trying to have as little traction as possible.

There was no way I was missing out on the fun. Why did not we have slip'n'slides when I grew up in Germany? We definitely missed out big time.

Then we made some gigantic water balloons. I sure will miss having a backyard when we get home!

The boys were very excited about walking to church with Grandma's umbrellas. Karl and I don't own such a thing.

We sure miss you all already! Thanks for making our visit fantastic! Now come see us in Flagstaff.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still in Utah...

... and still loving it!

It is so true: Time flies when you are having fun.
This is our last week here in Utah and there are way too many things left to do.

This is (some of) what we've been up to so far:

Making Boats
Floating Boats down the River

Playing with Eric and Rubie
Enjoying the Puddles

Building Forts
Finding, Making, Painting Swords

Hiking the Y with Cousins

More Trampoline Fun

Visiting BYU Campus
Splashing in the Fountains
Playing with Toypedos

Making Masks
Wearing Masks
Being Superheroes

Hope you are enjoying summer as much as we are!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tree Streets

Karl's parents live on Locust Lane. It is pretty much heaven. If we ever were to move to Provo, the Tree Streets is where I would want to live. In the foothills of my favorite mountains. Close to BYU campus, the temple, Kiwanis park, 3 gorgeous canyons, 7 Peaks water park. Filled with good friends and great neighbors. Karl grew up right here. I spent a year as an exchange student on Apple Avenue and then had the time of my life on Cherry Lane with 6 roommates. Good times!

The kids' favorite part is undoubtedly the Ellis' trampoline. We walk/bike/scoot over there at least every other day. Whether it is warm enough or not, we turn on the house and turn the jumping into a water party. Noah has always been in love with jumping. The higher - the better. The crazier - the better. He has gotten quite good at it. When he is not on the tramp, he is practicing on the old beds downstairs. Off the dresser, onto one bed, over to the other one. I really wish I could join him...

Max is also a fan by now. Before, he would struggle with Noah's high bounces and keep falling over and get frustrated. There was no way I could get Noah to take turns. Impossible. This visit he is bigger and stronger and quite the match for Noah. His favorite part, though, might be regulating the water. Those two have a blast together for sure.

PS: Noah always wants me on the tramp jumping as well. That way he can bounce even higher. I don't mind. Not at all. One time, however, I bounced him right off the tramp. Head first. Oops.

PPS: He got over it pretty fast. He told me he likes me even more now. Phew.