Monday, December 17, 2012

That was Schnebly!

Note 1: Yes. We had a big snow storm over the weekend and had a great time playing outside. We even took some pictures. But I have a hard time moving on when something isn't finished, so here is the post I started a few weeks back. 

It's always a good day to head down to Sedona and go for a family hike. So that's what we did. It makes me so happy to leave Flagstaff in the winter and head 45 minutes south to warmth, red sand, and a bounty of spectacular hikes. Although, I have to admit, so far this winter hasn't been bad. Not bad at all. In fact, I am ready for some (or lots) of snow! Have I mentioned how I thankful I am that we chose Flagstaff, Arizona over Moscow, Idaho for Karl to get his PhD? Very thankful! 

We arrived all ready to go on our hike... and then spent the next 26 minutes watching the boys playing in the sand and water. But, no worries, there are few thing I enjoy more than lying on warm rocks daydreaming while the boys are hard at play. 

While I was half asleep, Karl planned out his trail run after the hike...

Where there is mud, there are mud balls made. 
And because they are very precious, they need to be hidden carefully 
so we can find them on the way back. 

Love these guys!

It's hard to choose a hike in Sedona because there are so many! 
We decided on Cathedral Rock
and it turned out to be a great choice! 
We should've known that the more challenging, 
the more fun for our kids (and us)! 

It's quite a steep (yet rather short) climb
so here is Karl teaching the boys 
how to climb properly (and safely). 

And my little climbers are off...

Max made it to the saddle 
and is still going strong. 
(Despite the fact that his shirt is on backwards as usual.)

Family picture attempt #1

Still having fun!

Family picture attempt #2

Enjoying the beautiful view!

"Ok. Now that I am warmed up, 
can we hike all the way to those mountains over there?"

Good times. Good memories. 

PS: On our way south, we go by Schnebly Hill Road. We all love to say Schnebly. Because, really, doesn't it sound cool? Plus, it works well in German and English. So we decided to adopt the word into our vocabulary. It now means: awesome.