Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mein neuer Helm

Da ich jetzt schon ein gro├čer Junge bin und echt schnell mit meinem Laufrad fahren kann, haben wir einen neuen Helm fuer mich gekauft. Ich find ihn echt super toll und deshalb wollte ich ihn gar nicht mehr ausziehen.

Kann ja nicht schaden, ihn beim Baden zu tragen, oder?

Und auch beim Trinken kann einem ja schlie├člich was auf den Kopf fallen.

Hab auch versucht, ihn beim Schlafen anzulassen, aber ich kann euch sagen, das war nicht so bequem. Hab ihn dann lieber neben mich gelegt.

Three friends

This was actually a Cherry Chub Reunion (for those of you who know the Cherry Chubs) at the Warner's beautiful cabin up by Heber. But as usual I did not take a lot of pictures and only of the kids. It was really fun though to see how good of friends they are and how much fun they had together.

Noah, Fay and Eric playing by/in the hot tub.

Noah and Fay having a nice little chat on the porch. I would like to know what they are talking about.

Besides jumping on the big trampoline, Noah and Eric loved the snow mobiles and ATVs the best. It did not matter that they were parked in a garage. They still could have played on them (almost) all day.

Every night the three of them took a bath together in one of the big bath tubs. No one ever wanted to get out. They would have rather fallen asleep in the water.

It was great to see so many former roommates and very good friends for a few days up in the mountains. We had a wonderful time.

Capitol Reef - Family Vacation

Shortly after Noah and I got home, we decided it was time for a family trip. All three of us together. We decided on Capitol Reef and it was a very good decision. Beautiful, pretty hot but lots of shade and water, fun little hikes, and more.

Our campsite was in the shade most of the day which was very nice.

Noah's favorite spot: a hole in a rock.

Noah and Karl riding an old tractor. There were lots of orchards around but unfortunately it was a little too early in the season, otherwise we could have picked some fruit.

Instead, we decided to go biking which gave us some beautiful views but also put Noah to sleep.

Yes, I can still ride a bike. No, not my TT bike and not very fast, but it is better than nothing.

Mud, rocks, dump trucks, water. Everyone is loving it.

After a few days, our friends and neighbors, the Tukuafus, joined us and Noah loved having a buddy to play with. We went on a fun hike up a stream and to a waterfall/waterslide. It was perfect.

It was great to have friends with us. Noah and Nate had so much fun, they wore each other out.

Trip to France

Yeah, I am in France. Last time I was in France I could not see anything since I was still inside my mom's tummy. I think it is really pretty.

We went camping and I love the European-style campgrounds. Don't get me wrong, I like the ones my parents take me to in Utah as well. But I sure loved having lots of green grass, a nice big pool, a playground, showers because as you can see, I got dirty feet and I don't always like it.

I love towing/pulling things. Like my little suitcase or the water canister.

But being pulled is even more fun!

And I love my little hedgehog as well

Opa was not all that excited when we had a flat tire one day, but I thought it was super fun.

My mom loves to take me camping because I pretty much never get bored. So many things to explore and see and do.

The last day in France, I finally started liking the French Baguette. By then it was too late though. Oh well, I made for it by eating almost a whole loaf that day.

This is where I slept for two weeks. I loved having my own little tent. One night my mom tried to have me sleep with her since I was sick. But after a while I decided I liked my own tent better and so I moved back.

Back in Germany

When we got back to Germany, summer had come as well and we could do some of the fun things we could not do earlier because it was either cold or raining.

So we went to a beautiful park with pretty flowers and a lake and animals...

...and cars! I could ride one all by myself. I even went through a tunnel! I could have sat in that car all day.

But the water/mud playground was definitely worth getting out of the car for.

We did what Germans do in the summer. If they are not at the pool, they are by a lake. At least my family since we all love the water! I wish we had a lake like that close to Provo. So does my mom. Utah Lake just does not quite compare.

Yes, I am naked. I am in Germany, so I figured I would do as the other German kids do. Notice that my aunt Emily IS wearing, well, something at least.

Here they have a thing called "barefoot parks" which is really awesome. You just leave your shoes at the beginning of the trailhead and then you let your feet experience all sorts of different things. Some of my favorites include balancing on wood, walking on smooth rocks, moss, cork, bark, through a stream and of course THE MUD.

This is a typical Black Forest House.

I had so much fun in Germany but I was also really excited to see my dad again after all these weeks. He was very busey though fixing up our house and did a great job! I will miss everyone in Germany but I am excited for Oma and Opa to come in August and Aunt Emily in October.