Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trampoline Fun

Noah loves the trampoline.
He always has.
He has pretty much been jumping on Grandpa Kelly's tramp
since before he could walk.

He has gotten pretty good at it
and likes to show off his tricks.

Max enjoys jumping but mostly he just gets
tossed around by Noah.
Taking turns has never been harder...

It seems like not too long ago
we were clearing snow off the tramp
so we could jump on it in our snow suits.

Finally, it is warm enough to jump in our swim suits
with the sprinkler underneath.
I think if I had to pick one favorite summer activity -
this would be it!

Thank you, Kelly,
for letting us invade your yard
at least once a week.

There is no question about it:

When (sometime in the distant future)
we have a house with a yard,
the first thing we are going to get is
a trampoline!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Muddy Piglets

After these kids got home from camping,
they did not sit around for too long.
Noah and Max really wanted to go back to Rock Canyon Park
and bring their vehicles this time.
For a few weeks every spring,
there is a nice ice-cold stream running through the park
which is really fun to play in.

And of course there is mud

Lots of it

I could not decide which of the videos to post,
so here you have all three.
It is kind of hard to see on the black background,
just klick play and enjoy!

Driving/Riding through the stream

Noah's very muddy face

Noah's mud dance

Happy summer to everyone!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Campout

Our first family camping trip this year! I can't believe it is June and I had never even slept in our new big tent (more here) we bought last year. Either I was not invited (Father and Sons) or the trip got cancelled (Moab Family Reunion) or I stayed home with Max (winter camping). After 5 weekends at races, we decided it was time for a change and packed up the car.

Our destination:
Blackhawk Campground near the top of the Nebo Loop.

The boys drove in the car and
I got to ride my bike there!
I hate the car - I love my bike.
So when we got there everyone was happy!

After dinner, the boys went to work -
collecting wood and getting a fire going

Karl's fire making skills

Roasting marshmallows

Max found himself a pretty awesome stick

Noah was loving the fire
until Karl put the 'wrong' stick in it
and Noah was furious

Max was loving all the sugar
until he fell over in a camp chair
and smacked his head on a sharp rock

Once we were able to stop the blood
from gushing out of his head
we noticed that the wound was not very big
and we could stay in the mountains after all

Karl actually got some cuddle time
with this cute little guy
because, after a few minutes,
Max was back to his usual wild self

The next morning was stunningly beautiful
Karl ventured on a 3 hour trail run
The boys and I undertook an exploration of the surroundings

We hiked through muddy fields

Put rocks into our pockets until the pants fell off

Played detectives
analyzed foot and hoof prints

"Kuck, Mama. Baumens da oben."

Finding Babytrees, and Brothertrees, and Grandpatrees
One big happy Treefamily

Thank you, Sam, for handing down the
Praying Mantis T-shirt
It's his favorite

Karl came back
We had lunch and packed up
The boys drove home in the car
I met up with Jen and we completed the Nebo Loop
Couldn't have asked for a better ending to a great weekend

Thanks to our favorite Papa and husband
for providing for our many needs
and making us happy!
We love you!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Times

We have been having a lot of fun and wanted to share some of it with you.

At the Olympic Park in Park City

Max would make a great Skier, wouldn't he?

Noah trying out the Luge

Out Front

Brotherly Love

Our little Blondie

At Salem Pond

At the Pool

Noah has been getting braver.
He will now jump...

...and then swim to the stairs.

Max fearless as always

At the Park

At the Children's Garden

At the Bean Museum

The Kids wore us out.
So at night we would vegetate in front of our Laptops.
Good Times.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cousin Lynn

I, Max, have really been enjoying having my baby cousin, Lynn, around for a few weeks. Finally, I am not the only one being tortured (by Noah) all the time. I can do some torturing myself.

I need whatever she has. Does not matter what it is or if I even like it. I have to have it. Binky. Toy. Hair clip. Food. Book. To name a few.

I like to wrestle. And I don't understand why I shouldn't wrestle Lynn. Why would she not like it? Since she is crying most of the time (when I am around) anyway, I might as well throw myself on top of her, right?

I can be nice if I try really, really hard. For a few seconds, anyway. I always keep an eye on her though. Just in case.

We get along in the bath pretty well. Until I get bored...

Honestly, I love Lynn. I just want to hold her, cuddle her, and baby her. I just don't know how to. First, I need to learn not to choke her when giving hugs. I am getting there!

Thank you so much, Lynn, for coming and hanging out with Noah and me! We are glad you survived. Just think of how much tougher you are now!

Your favorite cousin, Max