Wednesday, September 30, 2009

San Diego Beaches

I wrote this post a while ago but have not posted it hoping I would get around to writing the other post that was supposed to come first. But, I have not. And since today is the first day of winter (or so it feels) I am posting this one anyway. Bear with me, the other one will come, sooner or later.

Playing at Coronado beach

I can't remember if Max is laughing or crying in this picture. It could be either. He loved digging, splashing, running, and feeling the sun tickle his skin. He hated the sand and salt in his eyes. And there was no way to prevent that from happening. Trust me.

The air was hot and the water was warm, so there was no holding Karl back. He spent quite some time, with Noah on his shoulders, out in the waves jumping over them. They only got knocked down once and Noah did not mind the dive.

Spending the evening at Mission Beach

Of course, I played in the water as well. But Max was NOT interested. He preferred finding treasures on land.

Looking for seals at La Jolla Cove

Mandy's friend let us borrow her boogie board. Fay was less interested but Noah thought it was the coolest thing. Even without waves.

Who knew a boogie board would make an excellent bridge "over" this big hole Karl dug? The beach seriously offers endless opportunities to entertain them.

Thank you, Mandy, Fay, and Kimball for being our wonderful beach guides and making it all even more fun.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Noah and Buckets

Noah's first love was buckets. Closely followed by trucks. He is now only interested in buckets when they contain water. But he still loves trucks almost as much.

We had so much fun living at Grandma and Grandpa's house back then. A yard, a garden, a driveway, plants, trees, leaves ... all right there to fulfill Noah's need to explore. Now we go over there every Wednesday morning: Mama runs, Max and Noah explore and keep Grandma and Grandpa busy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mason James Bott ...

... arrived this afternoon.

I am not exactly sure when but some time between 4 and 5 p.m.

This is what Kelly's text message says:

More sunshine just arrived.
Mason Bott.
Born at 9 pounds 1 ounce.
21 inches.
Blonde curly hair.
Blue eyes.
Everyone is doing fine.
All parts intact.

Congratulations to Andee and Spencer! We are so excited for you.

We can't wait to see pictures! I am not sure I believe the blonde curly hair ... but we'll see soon hopefully.

Kelly's text did not say James was his middle name. I am not sure I am making it up or if that is what they decided on. Who knows. I think it sounds good.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Max and Balls

Max loves balls. Any shape, size, color. He also loves balloons, especially when I put dried garbanzo beans in them before I blow them up. Then it is like a ball and a rattle in one. Can't get better than that. We ran out of balloons a few weeks ago and I have not managed to buy new ones. Sad.

Enjoy these pictures of Max and his balls.

On his birthday at the park

At Sundance

In Grandpa Kelly's yard

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby and Toddler Karl

This is so you can all enjoy cute Karl and see for yourself whether or not Noah or Max look like him. I am still not sure. They obviously don't look exactly like him ... The italic comments are what Karl's dad wrote with the pictures.

Here is baby Karl on his birthday ( 08-26-1978) with his beautiful mother Janelle.

Karl at 3 months with his brother Grant.

His sister Elena holding Karl at 8 months.

1979 Spring Karl the Krawler

1979 Fall: Karl the Messy

1980 Fall: Karl der Gro├če

1980 Karl and Adri playing in the wheat. Karl spent many hours every day playing with Adri. As far as I understand, they hardly every fought. Adri was the little mom and Karl happily did what she had in mind. Seems to me like Noah and Max need a big sister like Adri. Too late now ...

1980 Very ready to eat

1981 Adri reading to Karl

1981 Fall: Karl at Sundance. This one reminds me of Noah. We spent a few nights this summer up at Sundance watching Karl race and playing soccer on that very field. Noah was just as excited.

1982 Karl kanning cherries. This is one of his fondest childhood memories. As you can tell, he loved it. Mainly because he got to eat cherries while working. He would not even let his sister Adri have a turn. When she showed up, he told her to "Go practice!" I guess she has always been practicing the piano a lot and is now a wonderful concert pianist.

1982 Karl pitting cherries

1982 4th Birthday. We will see how Noah's turns out in a few weeks ...

First Triathlon

Last year we asked Noah if he wanted to enter some races for kids. We thought that he might enjoy pushing his dump truck in them or possibly riding on my shoulders. Both races were disasters - he just started bawling at the start and wouldn't go one step. So this year we were a bit hesitant to ask, but he ended up absolutely loving the Mountair Mile bike/run/scooter/whatever-you-feel-like race. Sarah and I signed up for the Jack and Jill Triathlon later on, and when we found out it had a kids race, there was no holding Noah back. Unfortunately he had to wait another several weeks, but finally we found ourselves at the start.

They let the young'uns swim with whatever devices and/or parents they want. As the only 3 year old, that was good for him. You know, not knowing how to swim yet at all.

We thought it was kind of lame to walk the swim, though, so we went to the deeper part.

He got out of the water last but first in his age category. Fortunately, his only competitor started with the wrong group several minutes later, so he had a sizable lead.

And yes, his swim cap was critical to his success, although it stayed pretty dry.

Noah opted for the quick transition: leaving on the same shorts he had swum in. When you're three you can get away with being naked in the transition area, even though it's no longer the 80's.

Undaunted by being the last out of T1, Noah was excited to hop onto the bike, which is a strong point for him.

After Noah took a minor detour, we were out of transition and off to the bike course.

The bike course was the sandy shore of Call's Fort Waterski Lake. It was packed hard enough for the kids to ride on with not much trouble. Perfect for Noah's "motor-cross bike". Still, one mile is a long way with little legs and 12.5" wheels.

We could still see other kids up ahead, so sometimes Noah would surge to catch them. His speeds ranged from about 10 mph down to about 1 mph, plus a minor spill on the back side of the lake. But was was very tough and always kept going. Once the other kids were totally out of sight, we talked about the cool trailers we saw on the way for boats and things.

When the older kids that started in a later heat started whizzing by, Noah would exclaim,"I'm going fast, and they're going fast, too!" He was having a great time.

Transition #2 is easy when all you have to do is pull off the helmet and leave the bike there.

Noah was excited to run, and fortunately they never had any straight stretch of it that lasted more than about 100m.

Finally, we could see the finish line banner, but we still had to weave in and out of all the cones. I mean, how often do you get to do that?

20 minutes flat, and Noah had finished his first triathlon - 25 yards of splashing, 1 mile of riding, and 400 yards of running. He held off his late-starting 4-year-old competitor to take first place, a great start to his budding triathlon career (should he choose one).

Some of the perks of being a triathlete are the cool looking body marking, all the cookies you want at the finish line, and, of course, a manly physique.

Yep, even his calves got marked. He loved it.

We tried to get a picture of the oldest and youngest competitor but Noah would not cooperate. Don is 79 years old and we have seen him at a few sprint races this season. Amazing! Just like Noah, he won is age group as well. Way to stay in shape, Don.

Noah got two cool medals, a cool shirt, and bragging rights. Today he included in family prayer a "thank you" that he was able to be in a triathlon so he could be faster. Sounds like Jarvis kid #1 is hooked.