Monday, October 21, 2013

Max Turns 5 and Starts Kindergarten!

Wow! I still can't quite believe that both of my kids are going to school now! It's a change for sure! A nice change in my opinion. A little part of me is sad that I don't get to eat lunch with this cutie every day anymore but after 5 years of doing so I am happy to pack his lunch box and know that he is having a blast hanging out with his buddies at lunch time! 

ready to ride to school on the first day

I am sure you all figured this already: No, I did not cry on Max's first day of Kindergarten. Not exactly sure what I did but I am sure it involved riding my bike and running and enjoying myself and being stunned that I have made it this far as a mom! It certainly helps that Max has the best teacher ever! Here is a newspaper article about Miss Chris. I love that girl and so do Max, Noah, and Karl. The only bummer is that they only get to have her for one year... 

field trip time!

But if you know Max, you know that he is a handful! Not only is he too lazy and busy most days to make it to the bathroom in time, but he is also very physical. As in: If something doesn't go his way, he is not only going to throw a fit but also wrestle/punch/trip whoever comes his way. This has resulted in a few red faces in his agenda. (Green face = good day. Yellow face = not-so-good day. Red face = bad day.) We even had one double red face day. And within his first month of school he got sent to the principal's office. "I talked with Principal John Coe today!" Must've been a good talk because he has shaped up ever since. Only green faces in the last few weeks. Phew! 

about to get a sweet kiss... 

Besides the fact that every time I walk into the school to pick him up I am paranoid that he is either wearing different pants or his agenda shows a red face, I love to see the kid and enjoy spending the afternoons with him and Noah. I am definitely a better mom when I am not on duty 24/7. Quality over quantity! ;-)

A full day of Kindergarten is a long day and Max gets tired. Who wouldn't? So when I come to pick him and Noah up, sometimes he is less than thrilled to ride his bike back up the hill to our home. Nothing a few jelly beans can't fix! 

 eating yummy birthday cake

We celebrated Max's 5th birthday back at the beginning of August in Utah. It was a great day and although things apparently never go exactly the way Max envisions them in his little mind, he was happy (for the most part) and absolutely thrilled to finally be 5. 

First: He got to find and open and play with his presents. We always do presents first thing in the morning. There aren't that many anyway and how mean is it to make your kid wait all day to open his presents? 

Second: Homemade crepes (by Papa) with berries from the garden. Yum! Max obviously liked his breakfast. 

Then: We went to our favorite pool with our great friends Eric and Rubie. Just me and the kids. Good times! There is nothing I'd rather do in the summer than hang out at the pool and watch the kids have fun! 

After: We went back to the house to have pizza, cake, and ice cream. 
Last: Our kids went to the movie theater for the first time ever! Karl took them and their friends to see Despicable me 2. They loved it. 

So glad Max is part of our little family. He isn't the easiest kid but definitely one of the cutest, funniest, and most entertaining. Love him!