Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Wednesday

Last Wednesday was definitely a day to remember. It went something like this:

Karl and Noah usually ride their bikes to school together. But on Wednesday, Karl had to be on campus early which means he couldn't bring Noah to preschool. It was such a beautiful morning and we were ready earlier than usual, so we went for a little adventure on our way; Noah on his scooter, Max on his balance bike, and I running/walking. In this combination our speeds (almost) match.

Max actually rode the entire mile to preschool which is mostly uphill. We picked wild flowers, watched and rescued little animals, and just enjoyed taking our time on this sunny morning. We all had a wonderful time. Of course we were late to school but who cares? It is preschool! Then Max cruised all the way back to the YMCA where he got to play with his little friends and I was stuck inside for some sort of workout. Can't remember. But I am sure it was good.

Max and I took our time on the way home since we did not need to get Noah today. He was coming home with a friend for a little play date. Max seemed just fine until Noah and Charlie came and then he started to whine, and whine some more, and cry, and cry louder... It was driving me nuts! If there is one thing I can't stand it is whining. First he was complaining about the back of his mouth hurting, then it was his ear. Poor kid. I know he was in a lot of pain since he is usually pretty tough. Of course he would not take a nap either, not even after I had given him some Tylenol, and so three hours later I called our pediatrician. I very much dislike going to the doctor (I mean, who doesn't?) and our insurance through NAU is just plain pathetic. But I did not know what else to do.

3:00 pm
I call while Max is in bed crying and make an appointment for 3:20. I convince Noah that we need to go to the doctor now, I go into their room and find Max asleep! Perfect!

3:10 pm
I waited a little just to make sure he really was asleep, then call the doctor's office again and cancel the appointment.

3:20 pm
Max wakes up crying and won't stop. Great timing! I talk to the nurse again and they actually have another opening at 4. Lucky me!

He screams through the entire doctor's visit - ear infection. I ask the doctor if there is any study about ear infections at high altitude since neither of my boys ever had an infection until we moved here. Noah had one in December and now Max. She says it had nothing to do with the altitude...

In the meantime Karl does some research on our insurance. So far they have not covered any of our medications and they finally tell Karl that it is because we have been going to the wrong pharmacy. Well, that is good to know. They give us 2 pharmacies they work with and I go to the closest one. For ear drops and antibiotics. We wait for 20 minutes and then the pharmacist tells us that they don't work with our insurance. At all. Ever. What?!? But they inform us that the other one on our list does.

Well. Sorry, Max. We are out of time. We buy some Ibuprofen, drug Max up and head to Noah's first track meet. Noah has been excited for his own little race for quite a while now and it did not disappoint. Only bummer is that I forgot my camera in that whole mess. By now Max is just fine and throws a fit when I only sign up his brother and not him. So back we go to sign Max up as well. It was a fundraiser for the high school track team, so I figured that even if he did not compete at all, our money would go to a good cause.

First up: standing long jump. Noah does great but Max refuses to jump. Second: softball throw. Both Noah and Max are having a great time and end up snatching a ball and throwing it over and over again. Third: 50m dash for Max and 100m dash for Noah. I was actually really surprised when Max just lined up with the other kids his age and went for it! He is so stinkin' cute when he is running. I wish I had a picture. Noah is fast and takes second. Finally: 200m dash. Again, Noah takes second and is thrilled. Both times a girl is close behind him and he is very happy to beat her. Again, Max surprises me by running the entire 200 meters. That is pretty far for such a little guy. He is really enjoying himself. That must have been some pretty powerful Ibuprofen...

Unfortunately, that was not the end of our day yet. I was still worried that, once the medicine wore off, Max would be crying all night and not be able to sleep. So I made another trip to the other pharmacy, waited around some more, and was then told that medicine for NAU students is indeed not covered. I need to move to Germany!!! Now!

The best part? We just threw the antibiotics out a couple of days ago. Unopened. Ear drops? Used them once. Lesson learned. I will not go to the pediatrician next time my kids have an ear infection unless it lasts longer than 2 days.

We live. We learn. Unfortunately, in the meantime we might go broke. Oh wait. Never mind. We already are...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Friends Came to Visit!

We are happy to report that we had a fantastic time with

Rubie, Eric, and Jen.

We can't wait to share our adventures with you in detail
but things are just a little crazy around here lately,
so we thought we would give you a sneak-peek
and tell you more about it later.

One thing is for sure:
We miss these guys terribly already!
Good things we are coming home to Utah in less than 4 weeks.
More good times are just around the corner.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jarvis Sunday Breakfast

If you wanna know what we (usually) have
for breakfast on Sundays
get our recipe for wheat waffles and protein cookies,
go here.

It is pretty healthy stuff.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Gog and Goggler

I would like to introduce you to my buddies

Gog and Goggler

Goggles are very important around here.
You know, for safety and stuff.
And since we only have one (very worn-out) pair of snow goggles,
the boys find the swim goggles every once in a while.
Like this morning, for example.

They quickly came up with very fitting names for themselves.
Gog (Noah) and Goggler (Max).
The names had Karl and me busting up laughing.
(Yes. They come with this stuff at 7 am.)
Having the right name is very important these days
and the two sometimes brood at length
over what they should call each other.

Their names, however, change so much that it is easy to forget.
"Mom. What's my name again?"
"Mom. What do we call Max?"
Sometimes even I forget.
They did remember Gog and Goggler all day.

I am not sure how often I put the goggles on Max.
I think somewhere around 32 times.
I kid you not.
He wore them to the YMCA.
At lunch.
At the park.
He wore them on his bike.
I am surprised he did not crash since they fog up after 2 minutes.

Of course Gog and Goggler are firefighters.
I am sure you figured that out already.

Happy Weekend!