Sunday, May 29, 2011

LoveLetter to Utah

Mount Timpanogos from Locust Lane

Dear Utah,

We had no idea how much we would miss you! We really wanted to get out and now that we are out, we really want to come back! Who would've thought? However, we don't have a choice at this point...

When we entered you in the southeast corner, I almost cried because everything seemed so beautifully green. Green? You? Well, not only have you been getting rained on a lot but you have fields and grass and trees with leaves... Heaven!

You are also home to so many people we love very much! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and dear friends. We miss them much and are enjoying every minute we get to spend with them. Life without family and long-time friends is just a little harder than we had hoped.

Squaw Peak

Sure. Flagstaff has mountains. But they are nothing like your mountains. I love being surrounded by snow-covered peaks. Love seeing the sun rise from behind them. Love the many canyons we can hike, bike, and explore in. All right out our front door.

Have I mentioned that Flagstaff is dry? Once the snow is gone, there is not a single drop of water in town. We are in love with your rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, fountains, and outside swimming pools. It would be very nice if you could warm up just a little and let the sun shine on us a little more, so we can fully indulge in all the water fun!

You sure spoiled us. Now we know. It will be a while, but I think we might come back. Unless, of course, we go to Europe. But then again: the grass is always greener on the other side, right?

Love, the Jarvis Family

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family Triathlon Festival

If you wanna know how our races in Moab went,
check out my other blog here.
There is one post about my race and one about Noah and Karl's.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Favorite Family Hike in Moab

Monday we were ready to head further up North to Provo but there was still time to do a couple of our favorite Moab things. After packing up camp, we filled up our bottles at the Moab spring. It has the best water gushing out: refreshing and clean. Then we headed a little further up the river to Negro Bill Canyon. This canyon has a little stream flowing through it, trees for some shade, impressive canyon walls, and varying terrain to keep the kids entertained. Perfect!

This picture is so typical. Max is always waiting to see what pose Noah will strike and then copy him. Actually, Max always says, does, and wants what Noah says, does, and wants. I know it is typical for younger siblings and Noah does not really mind (yet), so it's all good.

The whole camping trip pretty much revolved around caterpillars. There were so many at the campground that the kids found a new friend every 5 minutes. They had fun names such as Fuzzy and Tuzzy, Mud, Tiger, Dirt, Smarty etc. The kids were busy making homes for them and finding food. Unfortunately, I have to say, none of them survived more than a few hours. Good thing there were plenty...

Noah and Mama in matching race shirts. Unfortunately, Karl's did not fit and since tech shirts make bad rags, he gave it back.

Once we found a nice muddy spot by the stream, we knew our hike was pretty much over. My kids take full advantage of the fact that I just can't say "No" when they are having fun outdoors. When I told them they could take their shoes off, pants and shirts soon followed.

Only problem: it was cloudy and windy and definitely not warm. I guess that would not be as much of a problem if it was not guaranteed that Max would face plant in the water sooner than later. And he sure did! Before he had taken off his shirt... Much to our surprise, he kept the whining to a minimum and we all had a fun hike back to the car. He was also very much preoccupied with a stick twice his size that he turned into a dinosaur. He then chased everybody on the trail with it. That kid's a hoot.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Red Paradise

Gotta love the little slot canyons *

Moab did not disappoint. It never does. Even if the campground in town is more of a horse corral than a nice place to hang out. Even if the cotton trees produce snow storm after snow storm. And even if our dear friends leave after only a few precious hours together. Moab still rocks!

More on the race later on the other blog. After one day of packing, one day of driving, and one day of racing/recovering, it was time for some adventuring. So off we went to one of our favorite places - Arches National Park. We have been there many times and know what the kids love best - Sand Dune Arch. It is simply the best playground ever! A nice little hike into a humongous sandbox, complete with an amazing arch, shade, and rocks to climb. What more can you ask for?

Well, the wind was less than desirable but it sure did not keep us from having fun!

The boys convinced Karl to dig a hole deep enough that they could stand in it. The sand he dug up was cold and wet - very nice in 85 degrees and blazing sun. Noah was having a blast and Max - well, he wanted to get out. Now.

Afterwards we went on a little hike to Skyline Arch and ended up playing on another (much smaller) sandhill for more than an hour. Good times!

* I think that Max is hilarious in the first picture. I mean - check him out! The hair, the hat, his mustache. On our way out, a lady we passed asked: "Did someone have chocolate ice cream?" To which I replied: "No. It is just sunscreen with sand stuck to it." She looked rather disgusted. Too funny.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moab/Provo - here we come!

These kids have been fine tuning their biking skills on red dirt, sand, and rocks for a while now and it is time to take a road trip to one of our favorite places - Moab! It has been way too long (over a year!) and we are very excited!

Not only do we get to play, we also get to race! Well, most of us. Karl will be doing the XTERRA Triathlon, I will be racing in the Olympic Road Tri, and Noah can't wait to be part of the Kids Tri. Poor little Max. I am sure we can come up with a little race for you, too!

After a few days of Red Rock Camping Fun, we will head to Utah and hang out with friends and family for almost 5 weeks. I am really looking forward to this and won't miss Flagstaff's horrible winds, cold temperatures and lack of biking routes one bit.

Now I will go back to running around like a headless chicken trying to pack for this rather large undertaking. We might have to rent a trailer...

I hope to hang out with most of you soon! Call me!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fun Times with Friends

Fitting in some training whenever possible

Since we are packing to go to Utah for a whole month (hooray!), I figured I'd better show you some more pictures of the fun we had here with the Wilson Family.

One day we headed out to Walnut Canyon. It is a great place for a little hike, some exploring, and a little bit of Native American History. Perfect for the little ones.

For some reason, this time all the signs were a big hit. The hike was pretty much a race from one sign to the next sign. Whatever gets them excited about hiking, right?

Exploring the cliff dwellings

Rocks are always a hit with these kids

The long climb back up

We knew we'd better take advantage of the sun and warmth while we could. Noah and Max had been excited to take Eric and Rubie to Slide Rock State Park ever since we moved here and this was the perfect day for it.

Noah and his friend - the big Max

We know to bring lots of snacks when visiting Slide Rock. Nothing gets us hungrier than swimming, even if it is just our feet...

And wouldn't you know it: 3 days later it dumped 10 inches of snow on us! Sledding pictures to come soon.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I am truly happy to be a Mom!

I have a lot of thoughts about motherhood
that I would like to put on paper some day.
But not today.
Today I am simply enjoying being the mother
of two wonderful boys
and the wife of an amazing man!

Happy Mother's Day to You!

PS: Church does not start until 1:30, so 'enjoying' is all relative...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Skateboard Dudes

Whenever Max wears sunglasses and his hat backwards,
he calls himself: "Skateboard Dude"
So does Noah. It is pretty funny.
I like it.

Practicing their moves in the parking lot.

Pretty cool, what do you think?

Here is Max trying to be cool like his older brother.

At the actual skate park

Noah has definitely mastered the bike and scooter.
The skateboard takes a little more practice and patience.
He is starting to understand that it takes time
to be really good at something.

For your information,
I love hanging out at the skate park,
watching my kids do something fun, active, and pretty safe.
You should come join me!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Max and Rubie

These two cuties were born only 6 days apart
and pretty much grew up together for the first
two years of their lives.

Max was very excited to have Rubie visit us
after (almost) 8 months of separation.

Rubie was pretty happy, too...

...until she was reminded of how rough and un-girly Max can be.

They are certainly not as used to each other anymore
and were having a few (or a lot of) rough moments.
Rubie made sure we knew exactly what kind of mischief
Max was getting into every minute of the day
which encouraged Max to misbehave even more.

Once Max discovered his feminine side, however,
things got better and they enjoyed each other more.

Thank you so much, Rubie, for coming to our house
and playing with us.
We love you!