Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bryce Canyon Family Fun

Remember how we did a little one-night camping stint in the desert on our way to Utah? On our way back we wanted to take the boys to Bryce Canyon and camp some more. So we did. And it was great! Except that it rained and was freezing the night we got there. Oh, and all the campsites were taken as well. Craptastic! The gracious campground host let us pitch our tent in a special place for one night and then we had to move the next day. Not ideal but better than nothing! 

My little kitchen helper and his hippo:

Of course there was a soccer game of some sorts going on:

Only the best for my bike. I went on a lovely ride (during which I had to dodge several cows) and when I was done my bike got to rest here:

For some reason this campsite wasn't ideal for the boys. Well, it wasn't ideal for soccer playing... Or maybe the boys just haven't been camping enough lately... But they had a hard time entertaining themselves, so in a moment of desperation I let them cut up my completely worn-out running shoes and turn them into Panther sleds. Or something like that: 

Thank you, Max, for this fantastic shot! I am pretty sure he wanted me to share it with all of you:

And here it is. Our stunning Bryce Canyon: 

Hiking down into it: 

And hiking back up. The kids had a great time! Although it wasn't Easter, I used the same trick as at the Grand Canyon to ensure that the hike would be a pleasant one without any complaining. We brought a few pieces of candy that we hid at different places on the way up. Score! 

Noah and Max are now old enough to be Junior Rangers and worked on another badge while in Bryce Canyon. They now have 3 and we are looking forward to many more!  

I am really hoping we can go on another camping trip when Karl gets back from Germany which isn't for another 8 weeks... or 8 days... Who cares. Either way it's really super duper long. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Noah's Accident

Wow. What a day

The usual morning craziness
(that starts at 6am sharp)!
I get the boys out the door at 8:15 
and hurry to get ready for my run with Karen. 
Karl texts me and reminds me to sign our lease. 
I get dressed. 

The phone rings. It's Karl. Again. I pick up. 

What!? I am in a hurry. Remember? 

Sarah. Listen. 
Noah got hit by a car
You need to come. 


Ok. Breathe. He's probably fine. 
But Karl wouldn't ask me to come 
if he was fine!!!


Ok. Calm down. 
Grab his blanket, some water, his favorite stuffed animal. 
And put on a shirt. 

As I back out of the parking lot, I hear sirens
More than one. 
I start to lose it but then I pull myself together. 
Because this is not the time to be losing it! 

The accident is only half a mile from the house. 
The first of several big intersections we have to navigate 
on our way to school each day. 

He is sitting on the sidewalk with Karl 
and there is no bloody mess and no bones sticking out! 
Just 2 police cars, 1 ambulance, and 1 fire truck. 

What happened? 

Max (4) insisted on riding his own bike to school
(rather than the trail-a-bike) 
so he and Karl were a bit slower going up the big hill. 
Noah had started to go down the hill on the other side.
He got to the red light. Waited. Light turned green. Noah went. 
By himself. He didn't wait for Karl. 

A city pick-up truck on the other side of the intersection
was turning left, didn't see Noah, and ran into his left side. 
Noah says he saw the truck coming closer and closer, 
 he tried to steer away from it but it was too late. 

Our friend, Chris, 
who happened to be walking by at that very moment,
witnessed the accident and rushed over to help.
Karl and Max arrived. 
Somebody called 911. 

Noah was a trooper
Chris, a biker, says he landed really well. 
He got out of the street and sat down on the curb. 
He didn't cry and answered questions well. 
He was certainly in shock though. 

Everybody was super helpful

Noah's left arm hurts where the truck it. 
He is bruised and has small wounds 
on his right elbow, hip, and knee. 
His gloves, jacket, and helmet protected him really well!
He has very minor neck pain. 

That's it! 
Other than that he is fine! 
What a miracle
I still can't believe it's not worse. 
I know Heavenly Father was watching over him!

The paramedics wanted to take him to the hospital 
(which is literally a few yards away)
in the ambulance but we decided to take him ourselves. 
After a few more check-ups, it seemed like they didn't think
it was absolutely necessary to take him to the hospital.
So we told them we would just take him home 
and go to the hospital if things got worse. 

I sent Karl and Max off to school, 
Karen came by to check on us, 
we did what girls do: cry,
then Noah and I went home

I took care of his wounds
and made him a nice little bed in the living room. 
He stayed put for about 40 seconds. 
So I turned on his favorite soccer documentary. 
That lasted about 20 minutes. 
So we made some yummy cookies and ate them. 
By now it was about 10:30 
and Noah was acting like nothing ever happened.

Then Noah remembered his soccer game this afternoon 
and started crying when I told him he wasn't going to play in it
but we could go watch his team. 
He was so sad. 
So I made a deal with him. 
He needed to go to school for a few hours 
if he wanted to even think of playing soccer today. 
And he had to tell us immediately if he was starting to feel worse. 
I took him to school just in time for lunch and recess
and to pick up Max from preschool. 

The whole class was so happy to see him. 
They had already been making a big poster for him 
and talked with him about what happened in circle time. 
Noah doesn't usually like a lot of attention 
but I think he didn't mind today. 

We picked him up from school, 
went to the nearby park, 
hung out, ate snacks, read books. 
The usual. 
Then we headed over to the soccer field
and Noah's team won for the very first time! 

Noah is happy

So are we! 

We realize that we are incredibly blessed
It could've been so much worse. 
It truly is a miracle!