Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why We Escape To Utah All Summer: WATER!!!

My ideal summer day looks something like this: 

train with friends
eat lunch right out of the garden
spend the afternoon with the kids and friends at the pool or lake
eat dinner outside 
play games

And I am happy to report that they were quite a few days just like that this summer! Lucky me! The new Provo Rec Center is awesome! Love, love, love it! Makes me want to move back to our old condo which was right by it! 

it's always more fun with friends

my little fish

new goggles for completed swim lessons

being silly

warming up

lots of snacks are a must

sometimes a little rest is not a bad thing

The inside of the Rec Center is all new and fancy! Noah loved the climbing wall and jumping off the water fall. The waterfall was probably about 8-10 feet high. He was super excited about doing a flip off of it but then got a little scared. I told him I would give him a dollar if he did a flip. So he did. And again and again and again. Best dollar I ever spent! 

I also love BYU campus which is right by my in-law's house. So pretty, family friendly, and well taken care of. This is one of our favorite places right by the bell tower. 

We went there a couple of times during the day and one evening after dinner when it wasn't too late yet and the kids had some energy to spare, I took them there and we had a great time playing hide-and-seek with the sprinklers on. Good times! 

Don't worry. Max threw plenty of fits all summer long making sure we wouldn't be enjoying ourselves too much! That kid! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Why We Escape To Utah All Summer: FRIENDS and FAMILY

Seeing how winter has arrived in Flagstaff, I figured it would be appropriate to tell you about our summer adventures! Well, not really, but things have calmed down a bit in the Jarvis household and I definitely don't want to miss posting pictures about our fun time in Utah! 

Stewart Falls 

We spent 5 weeks this summer in Utah and loved all of it! Here are some of the highlights. (Not including swimming and pool time. That is going to be a separate post.) If you know me, you know how much I love Utah! Family, friends, fun pools, lakes, mountains, great trails, awesome roads for biking... Although I am happy living in Flagstaff, I would move back in a heartbeat! 

Stewart Falls Hike 
with a small part of the Jarvis family

Although I wasn't able to go this time, I love this hike! Not too long, nice soft trail that doesn't get (too) boring for the kids, mostly shaded, and water at the end! I also love that it's still green although it's in the middle of the summer and hardly rains. 

The Jarvis Garden

One of the best things about living at grandma and grandpa's house is their enormous garden! They both spend hours in it every day and we try to help out as much as we can. That said, I have to admit I am not a huge help because they get it all done early in the morning when I am usually working out. Karl and (sometimes) the boys are much better helpers. One of grandpa's favorite saying is: The kids like to help until they can! Meaning: The kids are eager to help while they aren't of much use and once they are they don't want to anymore. Haha.

I am, however, extremely useful in making sure none of the garden goodies go to waste! Everything tastes so yummy is so healthy. I am looking forward to having my own (much smaller) garden sometime in the future! 

View from the back porch where we eat breakfast and dinner outside. LOVE it! 

Eric and Rubie

Noah and Eric

Max and Rubie

We have known these kids since the day they were born and love them so much! It helps that their mom and I are great friends and like to hang out as well. This particular day I took them to the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point and they played so well I had plenty of time to snatch some pictures. 

They also had two sleepovers. One at the Wilson home and one at the Jarvis house. But I only got this one kinda lame picture. Too bad. 

The Back Yard 

I love having a backyard. And so do the kids. The only time I have ever had a backyard in my entire life was the 18 months we lived in this house while Karl's parents were on a mission. The rest of my 33 years on this earth - no backyard. Sad but true. I just figure once I have my own I am going to appreciate it that much more! But only if it has grass in it. Like nice grass that I want to lie down on. Which is the thing I miss most living in Flagstaff: green grass! 

Can't wait for next summer!!!