Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eistobel Hike

We went on many beautiful hikes in Germany but this one was especially pretty. 
Coming from the Arizonan desert, this was like a piece of green heaven
The boys were wondering if we were in the jungle...

My perfect summer hike includes: 
water, rocks, and shade. 
We had it all. 

The boys enjoyed skipping rocks with Opa. 
Noah got quite good at it!

There must be plenty of snacks, of course!

Cousin Lynn

Speaking of hiking: 
I think it's time to go for a nice Sunday hike at Big Springs in Southfork Canyon. 
One of my favorite places around Provo. 
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roping Around the Forest

We went to a ropes course for kids while in Germany and it turned out awesome

Max and Noah had a blast

Getting set up
Max's face is classic. 

Receiving instructions and practicing. 

I have to say I am pretty proud of them. 
They did as they were taught and had a great time! 

Noah was confident and didn't need any help. 
He is growing up and couldn't be more excited!

I was a little worried about Max
Usually he has to be able to keep up with Noah or throws a huge fit. 
But, to my surprise, he took his time and didn't worry about how far ahead Noah was. 
He worked hard and was very proud of himself when he finished! 

Cousin Lynn
She was very hesitant at first. But after watching her big cousins for a while, she decided to give it a go. 
Cutest little climber ever! 

I love my dad!

And I love the German forest! 

The End.