Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our Beach Vacation at Crystal Cove

(Remember my last post Summer is in Full Swing? Well, turns out that there isn't a whole lot of time for blogging when the kids are out of school! As a matter of fact, there doesn't seem to be time for anything! But that's mostly a good thing because it means we are having a lot of fun! We have been in Utah for a week now and will be here for four more. I love Utah!) 

The boys had a blast! And so did we! It was the perfect family vacation and I would go back in a heart beat! (FYI: I definitely don't say that about all of our family trips!) The campground at Crystal Cove State Park was better than expected. So were the beaches. And the kids! 

This little blonde surfer dude is just so fun to take pictures of. He loved the ocean and waves even when they knocked him over and all around. Love that kid! 

Water + Sand + Sun = Happiness

He played so hard during the day that every night at 7:30 he would ask to go to sleep. Ha! That's a first!  We happily obliged and put him to bed. My kids sleep great when camping! Better than at home, actually. I think it's mostly because they are so used to it. And the love their sleeping bags! 

 Noah is loving his independence these days and it makes me happy to see him confident. I can tell that he is a lot like me which is both fun and scary! I am hoping that there is also a lot of Karl in him also or else we are in trouble...

He quickly became friends with the neighbor kid and together they explored the campground and beach. Our families were basically on the exact same schedule, so we ran into each other constantly. Of course Max has to be in the mix at all times, so it was nice for Noah to roam around alone with friends when Max was already asleep. It was strange to have one kid asleep and one off with friends at night. Almost like Karl and I could've just sat down together and had a conversation all by ourselves... 

We caved in and bought the boys boogie boards. Which they loved but didn't use as much as we thought. Or as they were claiming... So Karl and I had no choice but to boogie board ourselves. It could've been worse. Disclaimer: I really only went into the water all the way 3 times. I am a total wuss when it comes to playing in cold water. Plus, air temps were only barely in the 70s. Of course I loved it when I was actually in and playing in the waves. It's the best!!!

Sunsets were amazing. Max and I loved watching the fireball slowly disappear behind the horizon. Good times! 

Consider yourself invited to join us next time! The campground was a little pricy (just like all the good ones right on the coast) and definitely big enough for two families. We were on a bluff right across from the ocean and all it took to get there was a little (very steep) 8 min hike. If you do come, do not forget to bring your kids' scooters. There is an unwritten rule that all of the (many) kids need to have a scooter to cruise around the campground with. Good thing we threw ours into the trunk last minute! 

Big thank you to this awesome guy for being the camping master! Love you! 

And one more thank you to my parents for making this vacation possible! Love you too!