Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Apparently Mama does not care about comments on her blog but I do! Because hey, when I write a cool post, I want to hear what ya'll think of it. And I want you to tell me how cute I am.

So, I changed the setting. Everyone can now comment on our blog now. You don't need a blogspot account or a gmail address anymore.

Happy? Great! Comment away. I can't wait.

And now for my German friends:

Und jetzt mal auf Deutsch, damit ich auch sicher sein kann, dass ihr mich alle richtig versteht.

Also, falls ihr schon immer mal einen Kommentar auf unserem Blog hinterlassen wolltet, aber bisher nicht konntet, jetzt geht's! Einfach auf comment klicken und mir sagen, wie toll ihr mich findet. Mama ist es zwar egal, aber ich mag Komplimente!

Ich freu mich schon.

Love, Max

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Max

Hey folks! It's me again. I am back. There are two things I wanted to let you know:

1. I am 18 months old now!
I was hoping for an awesome half-birthday party but instead I got 2 shots and have to go to nursery now.
Oh well, I am still excited about growing up.

2. Although I may have been grumpy at times in German,
I am actually a really happy kid.
Here is proof:

Exploring an old castle with Opa

Climbing - one of my favorite activities

I love this hat!

Sledding on my bum is fun

Sometimes I just have to express how I feel.
I do NOT like sledding in extreme cold.
I think my parents got that message after I cried for about an hour straight.
Next time, let's just stay home.

I kinda like this face though

I was really missing my water/mud puddles while gone so long.
Now I play in them every chance I get.
Pretty much every time we leave the house.

Rain gear rules!

I love bake sales.
Especially in the morning.
It means I get to eat 2 cupcakes and 3 cookies for breakfast.

I did not mind the cold so much.
All the sugar kept me nicely warm inside.

I am not big into snuggling.
But I definitely make an exception for Lynn's sheepskin.
I sneak up and get it whenever she is not paying attention.

It is so incredibly soft.

Animals are my favorite.
I am pretty much the best at playing animal charades in my family.
Growling tiger, peeing doggy, dancing monkey, you name it.


I guess I could be a guitarist, if I wanted to.

I am so glad I have a big brother.
Life would be really boring without Noah.
What would I do all day?

Thanks, Jamie, for coming to the park with us
and taking pictures.

I have to admit that I obedience is not my forte.
I mean, how much fun is being obedient?
I like being a little rascal much better.
One of my favorite things to do is pretend
that I want to hug a friend
and then wrestle them to the ground.
But that is just one of many.

Yummy fruit snacks. Thanks again, Jamie.

In case you are wondering about the extent of my vocabulary:
I know/say too many words to write them all down
on this little blog here.
But you are welcome to come talk to me anytime.
In German or English.

Peace out, Max.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today I failed. In the pool. Big time.

It has been on my mind all day and wanted to write down some of my thoughts. Since this isn't just my scrapbook but also my journal of sorts.

I had been down with a bad cough all weekend. (Ok, so I did some easy spinning while watching Ocean's Twelve but that does not count. I did that even the night before giving birth to Noah.) Tis morning, I drag myself out of bed to go swimming at 5 am but get to the pool a little late because I needed to deliver some tents for Haiti. No big deal, I thought, I want to take it easy today anyway.

Before getting a chance to warm up, I hear: "Today we are going to swim 3,000 meters and I will time you."

What? WHAT? How? Why?

"Coach, with no break? Why? That's going to be the most boring workout ever!"

"Because you have been wanting to do it for the Ironman!"

"Who? Not me! I am not even..."

"Ready? GO!"

I jump in and know right away that I am not going to swim 3,000 meters straight. All I can think about is how I don't feel like it. How I don't want to. What is this good for anyway? Maybe others are but I am not doing Ironman this year. So this workout is not for me.

After 500 meters I stop. I want to get out and switch lanes. Coach does not let me. He makes me get back in and says: "You can do it." Of course I can do it. That is not the problem. The problem is that I don't want to do it. I ask: "Is there any benefit to this?" Yes. Ok. Fine. I'll do it.

I swim another 300 and still can't wrap my head around it. What's wrong with me?
There are all these other (weaker) swimmers next to me and they don't seem to have a problem.

I'm done for sure now. I get out despite the coach telling me to get back in. Hoping to not get kicked out of Masters. I switch lanes and decide to do 4*50 m plus 4* 500 meters. That + the previous 800 = 3,000m. Same thing, right? Nope. Not really. Not even close.

I am swimming. I am thinking. Who is this coach anyway? I don't even know if he is any good. He is just a swim coach. Not a triathlon coach. I know more about triathlon than he does. I need a triathlon coach. One in whom I trust and I will do anything he asks me to do. Anything.

I've done Ironman before and my swim was great. Faster even than some of the female pros. See? I can swim even 3,800 meters in one stretch and be fine. In a lake. Or a river. Or (maybe) even the ocean. But not in a pool.

Wouldn't this be nice?

But what if my quitting shows that I am mentally weak? What if I am not as mentally strong as I think I am? Maybe Coach has us do this workout for that very reason? To see how tough we are? Dang. I should have stuck with it. I should have broken it down in my head, gritted my teeth, and just gone the distance.

Our PHS Cross-Country Motto
But instead, I failed.

But hey, I am ready now! You'd better believe that next time Coach has his stop watch in hand and wants to count laps, I'll be ready. And if he does not anytime soon, I might just have to do it on my own.

The End.
PS: A few hours later, I had a good 75-minute trainer session with hard intervals and then threw down a fast 30-minute transition run. Take that!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fall Fun

Dear Fall,

We love you so so much. You are our favorite season! We miss you. Can you come again soon? Please? Just look at how much fun we had when you were here. Thank you for bringing Cornbelly's Festival to us and making us happy!

Love, the Jarvis Family

Dear Winter,

So far you have been pretty disappointing. We would like you a lot better if you could dump a lot of snow on us. What's up with the cold, cloudy, rainy and yucky days? We need lots of sparkly snow and sunshine. Now!

Sincerely, the Jarvis Family

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Only 8 Days...

...until the Cherry Chub Reunion!

In a week from today we (as in Max, Noah, and I) will be driving down to Las Vegas to meet up with some of our favorite lady friends. And boy, are we excited!

I found some more pictures of us in earlier days and wanted to share them. I love the memories we have of great and epic adventures together. But I also cherish the small yet unforgettable memories from life on Cherry Lane.

Backpacking: Jen and I on top of King's Peak in September 2002.

Mountaineering: Mandy and I climbing Mount Nebo in February 2004

Snowshoeing: Courtney and I sometime somewhere.

: Waiting for the rain to stop to go down into the Upper Black Box in September 2004. I am still searching for more pictures of this one.

Triathlon: Mandy and I getting ready for the Kokopelli Half in September 2003.

Courtney, Mandy, April, and I splashing in the Sand Hollow reservoir after the race.

Just yesterday in the car I was thinking about the word epic. And about how I have not had an epic adventure in a long time. And about how I really long to have one. I am hoping the White Rim 100 mile Mountain Bike ride we are doing in April in Moab is going to be epic. But not too epic. If you know what I mean. Anyone want to join us?

I am sorry I don't have more pictures of more Cherry Chubs because that certainly ain't all of us. I love all of you and can't wait to see you!

Monday, February 1, 2010

BASH Winter Triathlon

This is what I love about winter:

Fun Snow Adventures

The Battle At Soldier Hollow was definitely one of them. Top winter triathletes were battling over the National Title and spots for the World Championships in Norway. Everyone else was just out there to battle their inner self and to have heaps of fun!

Thanks to our friends Anna and Nate, we were able to go up there the night before, have scrumptious spaghetti dinner, play, talk, and get a good night's sleep.
It also made it possible for Max, Noah, and I to stay in the warm house until 9 am. Last year we were all at the race venue at 7 am in 15 degrees. Something we would rather not repeat. This year was just as cold but, by the time we got there, the sun was out and warming us nicely.

Noah instantly found a friend and the two of them played together throughout the whole race. Noah would not even stop to cheer on Papa. Something that does not usually happen. He loved biking over the hard snow and skiing in the groomed tracks. I am glad the official race photographer thought Noah was pretty cool since I never even got the camera out of the bag.

Karl did really well on the run and came into T1 in 4th place overall.

He was super strong on the bike as well and stayed in 4th. That is really impressive considering that it was the National Championships and there were quite a few pros.

The skiing part did not go quite so well. Skating twice this winter in preparation for the race just did not cut it. He was still hanging in tough.

We are very proud of you, Karl, for taking 19th overall and showing us how it is done.

April and Anna both did really well also! Way to go girls!

While everyone else went back to to the house for lunch and naps, I thoroughly enjoyed skating on the Soldier Hollow course and was sad when it was over. Thanks, Leslie, for joining me for part of it.

We rounded out the weekend by exploring the ice on the Deer Creek Reservoir. It is completely frozen over and very fun to walk on. We watched some ice fishing until Max suddenly decided to stick his arm down the hole. Never a dull moment with the MaxMan.