Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Kids in Town

Tuesday in Flagstaff:

With Karl at school and Noah not in school, we were looking for something fun to do.
So I did some research and found out that:

Every day during the summer, Flagstaff has a kids' activity
on the town square.

Not just once a week or twice a week but every day!
How awesome is that?

Tuesday was Yoga for Kids

So we packed Max and our yoga mats in the Chariot
and off we went on our bikes.
Up a steep hill. Down a long hill. To Heritage Square.

Unfortunately, once we got there it was only 9:15 am.
Yoga for Kids did not start until 10 am.
This is what happens when your kids wake up at 6 am.
10 am feels like noon.

So we walked around downtown.
Flagstaff downtown is not like Provo downtown.
More like Park City downtown.
We were enjoying ourselves exploring and found a cute little supermarket
with lots of enticing food.

We were having such a great time that I gave in and bought 2 lollipops.
At 9:30 am!!!
But I am glad I did because I think these two guys are just too cute!

Even with all that sugar in their blood
they did not last longer than 30 minutes
during yoga.
Neither did any of the other kids.
I can't blame them, although the teacher did a great job.

Sorry, no pictures.
I was busy joining in on the fun!

On Thursday we went back and this time we decorated fun coffee mugs.
Coffee mugs for kids??? This sure ain't Happy Valley.
But the kids had a great time!

Max and I will be back tomorrow for a pottery workshop.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New in Town I

Buffalo Park. It is gorgeous here!

We made it! We are in Flagstaff. We are not settled in yet or anything, but we are here!
This post is not going to be very long. No computer desk. No wireless internet. No fun to sit on a moving box typing this.

We managed the packing. We survived the cleaning. We almost enjoyed the driving.
The packing was not too bad. Especially once we moved into Karl's parents house and were able to make some real progress without the boys getting in the way!
We only survived the cleaning thanks to many helping hands. Huge thanks especially to Karl's mom for packing up and cleaning the entire kitchen. I think the only thing I touched in there were the cookbooks. I am spoiled. I know. But I am not taking it for granted! Both of my in-laws have been amazing in so many ways. Noah and Max love them very much. Which is a good thing because they spent a lot of time with them last week. We were not able to sell our white car before we left but Karl's dad found a buyer already and is also taking care of our renters/house while we are gone. We really could not ask for better parents.

The drive was very scenic and I could not believe the beauty we were driving through. My view almost always consisted of the back of our moving truck surrounded by amazing landscape. I loved it and could not get enough of it. The first day we were on the road for about 8 hours and Max slept a total of 15 minutes. Sweet! Not! I won't go off too much about the B&B we stayed at in Page because they overbooked our motel. Suffice it to say that I'd rather not have some random kid in his underwear run into/around our room at 6 am. Twice!

We arrived in Flagstaff about 10:30 am. We had some guys from our new ward come help unload the truck but not until at 4 pm. So we explored our apartment complex and the neighborhood. More on that later. Then we went on our first bike excursion to the grocery store. We live on a hill and the whole town is rather hilly. Unfortunately, Noah has had enough of biking hills already!

On Saturday I took the boys to Buffalo Park. This is not your average park with some grass and a playground. It is a large open meadow (215 acres) with fields, wild flowers, trails, and mountains in the background. It's amazing. Buffalo Park is about 1.5 miles from our house. The best part: we can bike from our house to the park on a trail!

It has a fitness trail which I figured Max and Noah would like. They did. It "only" took us a little more than an hour to cover 1 mile. Then they were worn out.
Here they are doing the various exercises - more or less accurate.

On the way back Noah got rather upset because there were so many rocks he liked. The trail was made of little rocks. He liked them all so much that he broke out in tears because he could not bring them all home. We did our best to fill up our pockets and bags. Our rock collection is growing daily here.

Wild sunflowers are my favorite flowers and they are everywhere here! Noah and Max keep picking flowers for me and we have some drying above our bed right now.

Max is not very happy because he managed to get off the trail and step into a cactus. In his flip flops. Poor little guy had so many cactus spines stuck in his foot, it was hard to get all those mean little buggers out. Somehow one must have ended up in his hand.

Due to a lack of friends, Noah and Max have been having quite a blast together since we got here. They sure still have their moments but they are best buddies. Tonight they were talking in bed with the lights turned off. This is what I heard:

Noah: "Max. What are you doing?"
Max: "Yoga."

That kid cracks me up.

Sunday night, I was telling Noah:
"Tomorrow is Papa's first day of school and your first day of preschool."
His reply:
"And your first day of cleaning."
Thanks for the reminder, Noah.

The unpacking is coming along slowly but nicely.
More adventures soon to come.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The MaxMan

Love this picture. Thanks, Carlee!

On Tuesday morning
we celebrated Max
by going to the Salem Pond
with friends.
It's one of our
favorite places.

He actually got to
open his presents
a day early.
Karl leaves early during the week
and there is no way
I am making my kids
wait until evening.

Noah made him
a sweet boat
out of an old bottle.

Max was surprised
and could not believe
that the presents
were just for him.

Playdough toys!

This kid loves playdough.
To play with and
(unfortunately) to eat.

We decided to give
Noah one little present
as well.
He was very excited
about some new Lego.

I have really been wanting
to write something
about Max.
considering that I pretty much
still have a whole house
to pack up,
I will sum it up
in two sentences for now:

At least once a day,
I look at Max
and think:
"Is this stinkin' cute, funny,
smart, handsome kid
really mine?
I am so lucky."

At least once a day,
I look at Max and think:
"What am I going
to do with you??????"

PS: For my own records, Max weighs 27 lbs and measures 35 inches now. Whatever that means. I still think in the metric system.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Treasure Hunt

On Monday, the Wilsons came over as usual. I wanted to do something a little special since it was Max's actual birthday. I thought about getting a pinata but was not willing to spend $15 dollars on something that was going to be destroyed in a few minutes. Karl thought about making our own, but we were running out of time. So, a treasure hunt it was going to be.

Before hitting the roads on my bike*, I went to the park to hide the clues and the loot. Thank you, Jen, for taking your camera along and documenting everything.

Well, since I was not there, I don't have much to say. But it does look to me like they were having fun and enjoying the challenge. Here are the kids in action:

Like my duct tape job?

The birthday boy
retrieving the loot
with help from Carlee

Fruit snacks, chocolates,
and (rocket) balloons

Our tan little blondie

When Karl got home,
we all headed over to the pool
and enjoyed a wonderful evening
playing in the water

hanging out during pool check

*Yes, I actually left Max on his birthday to go biking! I know. That's probably bad. But I don't think he even cared. And I don't feel bad about it either.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Max

I have been trying to find
some time to write a post about Max.
But it might not happen today...
Enjoy these pictures of our favorite
little buddy!

We love you so much, Max!

PS: These pictures were taking in February by our amazing friend Steve Walters