Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Germany-Home Sweet Home!

My mommy and I went to see Oma and Opa and all my other favorite Germans this spring and we had a great time. I decided to tell you about since Mama is not on top of things these days and so I thought I would step in. So here are tons of pictures.

First of all, I liked all the 'new' toys they had waiting for me. That was a good thing because the first four weeks it rained every day and so we spent more time indoors than we usually like to. Opa was my favorite playmate. I kept telling him that he was funny.

When it did not rain, we played outside. One time we went hiking on a "Nature Path". My kind of hiking, since there were lots of things to look at and play with. I am not so much into hiking for hours with nothing but trees around me. Kinda boring. But here I got to bang some awesome drums

Explore the soft green moss growing on rocks

"Fish" with Opa

Look at the sky from a "bed" in the forest (those Germans have some fun ideas)

Yell and scream as much as I want

When I got tired Opa pushed me in the stroller

And when I got hungry we had a picnic. So much fun.

One day I fell and got hurt. The picture does not do it justice, I think it hurt a lot more than it shows.

But luckily I could still one of my favorite things which is climbing

and the animals seemed to understand my pain

Just hanging out

I made lots of good friends in Germany. They had awesome cars and trailers and bikes and all kinds of fun toys. I miss them.

i loved going to Opa's work and see the many dump trucks at work and all the other machines. Plus, Opa is pretty much the boss and so the driver's had to do what he said and let me look at everything. Maybe I can be a truck driver for Opa some day.