Tuesday, November 29, 2011

4 Little Friends

Snuggle Time

Finally! The boys had another long-awaited reunion with their best friends! I am very happy to note though that they have made great friends here in Flagstaff as well. As a matter of fact, they did not want to leave. Noah was not about to miss out on his field trip to Lake Mary. Max was beyond excited for his little Preschool Program.

- When we're in Utah you guys can play with Eric and Rubie. A lot.
- Did you say Eric and Rubie??? Forget the field trip and program. We are ready to go now!

Unfortunately, they had to wait a whole day before actually seeing their little friends. Because first up was some quality girls time for the Mamas and their friends. They about died. They quickly came back to life when we spent pretty much the rest of our vacation at Eric and Rubie's house. With Karl and Scott both gone, we could not help ourselves and all had a sleep-over as well.

Rubie reading to Max

It's great to see how well these kids get along. It's like they have been best friends since birth or something.... Max and Noah spent about an hour each and every day on a trampoline in the neighborhood, so we invited the friends over for some playing, coloring, and jumping. I did not get any pictures of their cool tricks this time. Sad but true. I was just too busy jumping myself. I love it at least as much as they do!

The Boss knows how to keep these kids in line. Here he has them doing PT at the end of a long day of hard playing. I have to say my boys did pretty well for their first time!

I think they look pretty pooped, tired, and worn out. Just the way we like them at bedtime...

Thank you to the Wilsons for opening your house to us!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Blogging is on the back burner these days.
Sometimes life just gets (a little too) busy...
But I did manage to write a bit
about our trip to Utah.
You can find it here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cashmere Love

I don't deal with change very well. I like consistency and routine. That's why I have been in a funk ever since getting to Utah last Wednesday night. My friend's wedding was wonderful and we love hanging out with friends. Pictures and stories to come. While I am recovering from a stomach bug (that we have now successfully passed on to Grandpa), I will leave your with some pictures of my favorite 3-year-old.

Playing cars together while Noah is at school. In his beloved cashmere sweater. It is a hand-me-down, of course. Max, our softie, fell in love with it instantly. He has been wearing it ever since: to sleep, to play, to camp, and everywhere else he is going. It is not going to last very long at this rate but he is so warm and cozy in it... I wish I had a cashmere sweater!

Thank you, Spinti Family, for passing all your treasures down to us!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I wonder what/who he is thinking about...

I am afraid Noah has a girlfriend. Or something like that. In Kindergarten. Oh boy.

Whose kid is this?

On Tuesday at pick-up, Miss Chris said:

"Noah had a fantastic day today. He was rather quiet and well-behaved. Then, on our way in from the playground, he was holding hands with Madyson. I think he might be sick."

Laugh out loud. Quiet? Well-behaved? Yep. Must be sick. Last time his teacher said he had a 'fantastic day', he came down with croup. Sure enough. He had not eaten any lunch and fell asleep as soon as we got home. High fever.

After 14 hours of sleep and plenty of energy the next morning, I sent him back to school.

Clearly healthy this time, he was holding hands with Madyson after recess again! He freely admitted it when I asked him. "Yes, Mama. We are friends now." Great!

Today I caught her coming over to Noah after school and saying 'Bye' to him. I am pretty certain this is all her idea anyway. My son would never think of such a thing. Ever.

Karl and I just look at each other like: Whose kid is this?

Ok. All things considered, probably mine.

Turns out that he likes to chat in class with his friends. A little too much. Sound familiar? After a little reflection I realized that I am always talking while Coach Liz (Masters) and Coach Mike (TRF) give instructions. Then I (and whoever I was talking to) have no clue what's going on.

Definitely mine.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Snow

Last night, the boys had to come pick me up from the pool. I did not feel like biking home in the dark during a heavy thunderstorm. During the night, rain turned into snow and this is what we found this morning! We actually all slept in until 7 (a small miracle) but when the boys saw the white fluffiness outside there was no holding them back. Noah was screaming and dancing around the house with excitement. So we (Karl) got out the snow gear, boots, skis, sleds and they headed out the door.

Max only lasted about 20 minutes, then he was too cold. So he came in for some hot chocolate. When Noah and Karl came in, we feasted on some fresh waffles. Max was mostly feasting on apple sauce and still is... We had to finally turn on the heat today and now it is (almost) warm and cozy in here. Gotta love apartment living...

Karl just headed out on a little snowshoe run. He is training for the Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon in February and there is no holding him back either. He is looking for some like-minded crazies to join him. Anyone?

I am not sure how I feel about this. I do like winter and snow. But I prefer winter to only last 2 months: December and January. The rest of the year I would like clear roads and temperatures warm enough to play outside. Flagstaff's indoor entertainment only lasts us about 3 days. I guess it is time to head up to Utah for Courtney's wedding festivities and Thanksgiving feasting. 2 more weeks! Yippee!