Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Race 2009 - my version

Thanks to Karl for the last post. I feel bad he had to miss the first highlight of his season - the Buffalo Run. He had been excited and training for it for months.

I, on the other hand, happened to see a sign for the Splash&Dash on Wednesday morning at the pool. I thought it would be a fun little "warm up" for the upcoming races and so I signed up (after I had found a babysitter). I have been lucky so far - no flu symptoms yet.

The truth:
I was not ready for it. I did not really care. I just wanted to see where I am at in my training. But it was true.
I am out of shape. I know, maybe not compared to some other people. But remember, being out of shape is relative. But it is hard and boring to train by yourself every day. I need training partners... Max (and Noah) in the Chariot don't count.
I am 10 lbs. over race weight. At least. I am not saying that I am fat. But all these extra pounds are not making me any faster. I am using nursing as an excuse but that won't last much longer.

(I threw this picture in here because I dislike posts without pictures. No, this is not the Splash&Dash. This is the Ironman I did in Germany in 2007. No 10 lbs extra here. It is the only picture I could find of myself racing (not on the bike). Sad, I know.)

Back to the Splash&Dash.

I had a blast. It was so fun to be back and racing after all this time. Also, it was just a little BYU race. No one knew who I was, so there was no pressure.
After my warm up routine (which I could barely remember), I told Emily that I was worn out already. That was honestly how I felt.
They started the race and everyone went off like crazy. I was afraid I might exit the pool close to last place. As usual, they were all bluffing and I managed to get out in second place. I felt as good during the swim as I hardly every do in a race. That was nice.
Passed the other girl right outside the pool and never looked back. I thought there would be some guys ahead but I never saw anyone and no one ever caught me. Kinda lonely but that is how I like it. I realized a while ago that the only way I ever win races is if I am in first place at the beginning of the run already. I am not sure what that means. Probably that I need to work on my running, so I can stay with girls when they pass me. Luckily, I did not have to worry about that on Saturday.
Noah and Karl were cheering for me at the finish. Cheerleader #3 could not have cared less. He was busy eating, as usual. Thanks, Emily, for taking such good care of my men.

The End. I am tired. I am going to bed. More sleep = less likely to get sick.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Fast Mama

So the Mama of the family decided her first race of the season would be the BYU Splash & Dash. It's a nice little race that's held every year and she's done it many times before. She of course was saying all kinds of things about how she wasn't really ready for it, how she is slow at everything these days, and it's been a year and a half since she's raced. Well, true to form she not only won the Standard distance for the women, she also beat the fastest guy! It's just proof that the Mama of this family has been getting herself to the pool early early and has been running daily while pushing 1-2 children in a chariot also laden with an extra 20+ lbs of toys and diapers.
Meanwhile, the Papa of the family missed the Buffalo Run 25K trail run, which he will humbly admit he was totally ready to rip up but had to miss due to flu. Not that he's jealous of the Mama or anything.
A huge thanks to the amazing former roommate/Cherry Chub Emily for watching the kiddos before, during, and well after the race.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hi Everyone!

It is me again. Max. The neglected child.

Ok, I am not really neglected. Just when it comes to pictures or posts of me. So I have to take matters (once again) into my own hands.

I have to admit, I can't crawl yet. I am really trying hard though. I thought by now I would have it figured out. I blame it on the lack of role models. I tried to convince Mama and Noah to crawl around all day so I can copy them, but no luck.

I find other ways to get around. Like riding with Papa.
(Looking at this picture, I hope I have Papa's bum genes, cause then all the chicks will want me.)

While it was nice and warm for a few days, I did not mind just sitting at all. Sitting outside is awesome. I can eat grass, sticks, sand, bugs. I am not picky. I will put anything in my mouth.

Plus, being outside makes me happy. So I was happy a lot.

Speaking of food, I get to eat real food now. Of course, Mama did not bother to take any pictures of my first solid meal. Why should she? She already has one of Noah. That will do.

First, she gave me peaches, berries and other juicy food in a little mesh thingy. That way I could get the juice but no pieces. I kinda liked it for a little while but then I realized that this still is not the real deal. So I refused. Why can't I just eat what everyone else is eating?

I definitely hate baby cereal. Tastes like card board to me. And I know what card board tastes like, believe me.
I do, however, like lots of other food. My favorites include: banana, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, squash, etc. I love chewing on biscuits. Mainly, because it gets so messy and I love messes. Also, because then Noah won't touch me because he does not want to get his hands dirty. That way I can enjoy some peace for a minute.

I am also proud to say that I have 6 teeth by now. 4 pretty big ones on the bottom and 2 that just barely broke through on the top. Here is the proof.

This teething thing is hard work. Of course, Mama won't give me anything for the pain. I guess she wants me to be tough or something. I try not to complain too much.

Now, with teeth and better hand coordination, I have the pleasure of feeding myself. Peas, cheerios, fruit pieces, bell pepper, cucumber. I love it and can't wait to see what else is out there.

That is it for now. I will keep you posted.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Delightful Adventure

This post is dedicated to the Cherry Chubs. I missed you, girls, so much.
Remember this view from our 'backyard' in Provo? It is still just as gorgeous.

A few weeks ago, we were finally able to embark on this winter's snowshoe adventure. About 5 years ago, we would do this every weekend, and now we do it once a year. But, it was (almost) like old times!

We met at Karl's parents house (not quite as early) in the morning. We met there not because Karl still lives with his parents, but because that is where we dropped off the kids. As usual, April was on time, and Spencer late. We did not have a big group going, but definitely great company.

Due to lack of snow in the valley, we decided last minute to drive up Southfork Canyon and hike over Lightening Ridge and down into Rock Canyon.

The untouched snow and the view was absolutely beautiful.

I was a little disappointed that April did not bring canned peaches like last time. I guess she is tired of us (still) making fun of her. Note: Canned peaches was the ONLY food she brought last time. This time she redeemed herself by bringing a chicken wrap and sharing it with us. Thanks, April.

It is a perfect hike. Just when you get a little tired and hope to be able to go downhill soon, you are at the top!

We were running a little late and the top we got a call from Karl's dad to see when we would be back. Oops. So we went down the fastest and funnest way possible. On our bums. This is the best part of snowshoeing. We slid almost all the way into Rock Canyon and then hiked/ran back to the car.

I asked Spencer what he thought of the hike since he had said earlier that he was not really into snow sports. His answer: "It was delightful." What? What kind of an answer is that? Who calls a 6 hour hike over a mountain "delightful"? I thought it was pretty funny. Just Spencer being Spencer.

Happily reunited with the kids, we went to jump on Becky's tramp. What else...

Artistic Talent

As you already know, I have none.

But, to my delight, Noah has been developing his lately. He loves to draw. Yesterday afternoon, he fell asleep at my desk while coloring with the pen in his hand. He loves it that much.

About a month ago, we found this Doodle Pro someone lost. That night, Noah came to me and showed me the dragon he drew.

Pretty impressive, I think. I would have trouble drawing one that well. He is already out-drawing me. That is a problem. Not because of my ego, but because he wants me to draw certain things for him, like a hammer or a sword or a knight or something hard. I try because I want him know that you should always try, not just give up. Our conversation goes like this:

Noah: "Mama, can you draw me a hammer.'
Mama: "Sure. You know I don't draw very well, but I can try."

I draw the best hammer I can.

Noah: "This hammer looks weird. I don't like it."
Mama: "Ok. How about we go and get the real hammer, so I can look at it?"

We get the hammer. I try again.

Noah: "It still does not look real. I don't like it at all. It looks funny."
Mama: "Fine. Let's just print one of the internet."

And that is what we do. Then he colors it.

But I think he got tired of the whole process and decided to just do it himself. His favorite drawing utensil: a black permanent marker.

This is the first knight he drew about a week ago and they have been getting better since.

Now he tells me that I should practice and I could get as good as he is.
Thanks, Noah. Maybe I will.


I guess the picture of Noah in the bathtub on my last post needs some explanation.

Noah did not have an accident in the bathtub. We were just cleaning all his muddy cars (and him) in there because we have no other option. Well, the sink maybe, but I thought this would be faster and easier. So what you see is just left-over dirt and mud. We then cleaned the tub and Noah had a real bath.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I would not post a picture THAT gross. Probably.